Sam Szafran : L’Atelier dans l’atelier


The discovery of the pastel was of great significance to Sam Szafran. Since the beginning of the 1960s he has been using the pastel chalks of “Pastels Roché” which were fabricated based on the family recipe by the three sisters of the Roché-family at the Maison du Pastel. From now on this technique has been dominating his work either alone or in combination with charcoal or watercolor. At the same time the themes of his paintings intensified as well. The numerous series of staircases, jungle-like greenhouses and studios are the result of his obsession with mastering perfectly the somewhat anachronistic technique of pastel. By focusing on figurative themes and technical precision this kind of painting contradicts most of the abstract and gestural tendencies of contemporary art; this is an art beyond concepts, trends and ephemeral styles. As a result, the artist’s work has rarely been seen in exhibitions and almost exclusively in his home country and in Switzerland.

Dans l’atelier de travail récemment rénové du peintre Ary Scheffer, le Musée de la vie romantique présente, l’artiste Sam Szafran, invité pour la première fois dans un musée parisien à accrocher ses grands pastels et aquarelles d’intérieur sur le thème élargi de “L’atelier dans l’atelier”.

  • 87 pages
  • Language: Langage: FrenchFrançais
  • Association Paris-Musées, 2000
  • 18 x 24 cm
  • Condition: Very good conditionTrès bon état