Martin Szekely

Sold Out

For Martin Szekely, building is the very essence of the designer’s job: “I see my practice from the perspective of the builder and the use that will be made of my construction; which immediately involves the user, his body and his environment. Which involves the user, calls the history of uses. Who constructs – which is unique to the designer, unlike an artist who can be content with ideas – calls up the history of the structures and technologies that underpin them “.

Experimenting with all materials, traditional or new, Martin Szekely approaches each project as a new questioning. His pieces make visible physical principles that question our relationship to the material world. In space, the designer’s furniture and objects display their mathematical precision, the result of experimental work on equilibrium based on data of mass, gravity and networks of forces, most often invisible to the eye. naked.

Its reflection is correlated with a search for simplification to approach, with requirement, the limit state of materials. In this process of reduction, even erasure, the designer tends towards a minimum structural device. The pieces appear simple, obvious and have a universal dimension. This notion of minimum, whether visual or structural, is, for Martin Szekely, shareable with everyone.

Créateur d’objets de passage, Szekely refuse aussi toute structure. Ni bureau ni atelier. Le travail s’effectue ici et maintenant, partout où il se trouve. Ce besoin de liberté exige une vigilance extrême, une imagination perpétuellement en alerte et, paradoxalement, un surplus de travail

  • 182 pages
  • Language: Langage: FrenchFrançais
  • Edition Hazan, 1995
  • 20 x 27 cm
  • Condition: Good conditionBon état